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End-to-end events platform for your in-person, virtual, and hybrid events — event pages, registration/ticketing, and livestreaming

Run events, your audience awaits

Whether you run professional or entertainment events, big or small, for local or global audiences, Tikkl will get you there smiling

Classes & Workshops

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Fundraising Events

Professional & Networking Events

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Deliver a front row experience in person, virtual, or hybrid

Power, flexibility, and support to design and run your unique event and deliver a front row experience to anyone anywhere

Brilliant event sites, multiple ticketing and registration options, reserved seating, check-in app, and custom mobile event app for in-person events and conferences.

Go virtual or hybrid, adding livestreaming to any event, and reach more attendees. HD livestreaming with interactivity and secure, seamless ticketed access on Tikkl Stream.

Rock the new normal with Tikkl Stream HD

Create virtual or hybrid live events that simulate the immersive in-person experience through highly interactive, HD livestreaming; stream live from your stage with OBS or from a video conferencing platform such as Zoom or even from your recording

LIVE, LIVE+REPLAY, and ON-DEMAND modes on Tikkl Stream. Tikkl also works with 3rd party video conferencing and livestreaming platforms such as Zoom and YouTube Live, providing event pages with ticketing and seamless entry to your events there.

Boost ROI with secure, ticketed access

Your content is valuable; reach a wider worldwide audience, sell more with single-access tickets, and attract larger sponsorships; users have seen up to 300% growth in attendance and revenues

Sell free as well as paid tickets. Gated, single stream access: every viewer needs a unique ticket. Also, sell tickets with tiered pricing, customizing livestream experience by playlists, based on ticket type.

Drive sponsorships. You and your sponsors take the spotlight, from event landing page to virtual lounge and live event. No ads from Tikkl!

Delight attendees with a slick, seamless experience

Provide a smooth workflow, from learning about your event to registering, attending, and interacting with other attendees during your live event; moreover, Tikkl is committed to people first!, providing exceptional support and safeguarding user privacy

Set up your agenda/program and invite ticket-holders to virtual lounge, from where they can navigate effortlessly to shows, sessions, and activities you've planned.

Get interactive with polls, trivia, and more. Set up on the fly during livestream or ahead of time.

Easy, end-to-end event management

Yes, there's more! Tikkl's got everything you need to easily manage all your attendee interactions in one place: before, during, and after your event

Publish gorgeous event pages with registration and ticketing options in minutes. No web design or development skills required.

Drive buzz and excitement and better plan your upcoming event with pre-event surveys and contests.

Send personalized auto-generated HTML emails to invite and remind your prospective attendees.

Run your event: virtual livestream or in person with socially distanced reserved seating or hybrid.

Conduct a post-event poll to capture reactions and feedback to fine-tune your next event.

Capture all attendee interactions in your CRM on Tikkl, automatically consolidated for you.

Join the party!

From concerts to conferences, organizers of all sizes and sectors are finding success with Tikkl